What is a cannabis advocacy consultant?
A cannabis advocacy consultant is an experienced cannabis enthusiast trusted to pass on a variety of tools, resources, and information so that cannabis consumers may save time, save money, and achieve consistently positive cannabis experiences.

Is cannabis consumption while pregnant safe for my baby?
Cannabis use during pregnancy is associated with no or minimal harm according to recent studies.

Is cannabis consumption while breastfeeding safe for my baby?
It is the position of CannaMama Clinic that women have the right to make their own medical decisions, and do what they believe is best for themselves and their children. Recent research supports continued breastfeeding despite cannabis consumption.

Will my baby be taken away if I use cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding?
While every geographical location operates under its own governance, CannaMama Clinic always emphasizes the risk of government involvement with women’s choice to consume cannabis as medicine throughout all stages of motherhood.

Which method of consumption is safest for my baby and me?
CannaMama Clinic acknowledges the unique perceived risk to the unborn fetus associated with cannabis smoke consumption due to the carcinogens combustion produces. However, we believe women have the right to weigh the risk versus the benefit, and to decide what is best for them, their pregnancy, and their fetus.

Will cannabis help me during labor and delivery?
Cannabis is medicine. It is used to treat a variety of ailments which includes pain management. Everyone is different, and it is possible that cannabis is an effective form of pain management during labor and delivery. Years of feedback from cannamamas informs us that cannabis possibly speeds up labor and intensifies contractions. Please contact us to learn more about using cannabis as safely as possible during labor and delivery.